Uncover what you’re here to do and be

Get 1-to-1 guidance to break through to the life you want

Bookings are open for personal coaching sessions at My Life Jump.

Whether you’re navigating life’s Third Act, seeking a breakthrough in your personal or professional life, or looking for more clarity and purpose in your day-to-day, the 8-Week Results Breakthrough Program is designed for you.

What does a Results coach do?

A Results Coach works with you to help you:

Get clarity on what really matters to you.

Build a plan to reach your goal and the skills to make it happen.

Draw new meaning and strength from who you are.

Better manage ‘in the moment’ life challenges.

Grow confidence & motivation for the future.

Uncover beliefs that limit you

Learn how to build a Breakthrough mindset

Getting coached is fun and life changing!

How does it work?

What can you expect from our sessions together?

One-to-one personal coaching for impact.

Held virtually over Zoom, so you can join them from anywhere in the world

A supportive and confidential space to explore and grow

Market-leading, science-based tools for real and lasting change

A trusted and Certified Results Coach

8-week program designed to help you change and accelerate.

Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis. Spots are filling quickly, with a special launch offer.

Ready for your masterclass?

Our Mindset Masterclasses are based on the idea that understanding the power of your brain and how it works will help direct and support you to achieve the life you want.

We call this Growing your “Breakthrough mindset” and it’s where everything begins. A standout feature of our Eight-week Breakthrough Coaching Program is the curated selection of personal Masterclasses, designed to strengthen your mindset and get you in the driver’s seat for your life.

At My Life Jump, we’re also excited to offer free group workshops on mindset. It’s our gift to you to learn more about your brain and mindset magic. You’ll learn about the strategies and levers available to grow motivation, focus and meaning and how to regulate emotions and thoughts to actively deliver the results you seek for your life. 

Join us at our next free masterclass and start directing your life where you want it to go.

Design a plan to get there

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Debra and I’m looking forward to working with you!

My life jump offers live group workshops and free on-line resources, but we know many people seek a personalised program to work one-on-one with a trusted guide who will support and challenge them.

If you think that’s you, register for a free discovery call. There’s no obligation and you can see what working with a results coach could achieve for you in just one powerful session.